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 Welcome at Jerome's property services ! 

If you have any repair or building works to do in your house or garden, don't hesitate to contact me. Every project can be discussed and analysed. You will be informed about all possibilities, also in  case I cannot provide the specific type of service you want. Important is a clear communication about the timeframe and budget that is available by you ....... in order to decide what is is possible and not.

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Do you bring all materials?

All is under negotation with the customer. Whether the customer wants himself to shop or get delivered materials  (paint, cement, tiles, plywood...) .. whether he has still materials available. ..whether I will run for materials or arrange delivery...all are possible.
I bring all working  tools.

Do you monitor projects by digital means when we are out of Crete ?

Sometimes a client leaves for 6 months to UK , Germany,  US... In that case I can take over garden maintenance, renovate a courtyard , place tiles     ... organised on distance.That means there will be set a deal before leaving from Crete ( monthly maintenance shedule, quote/ estimated budget for construction project,...) Briefing and follow-up will be provided by photo/video  about  construction progress , local  maintenance situation, etc. 

Do you make all alone ?

From time a helper is coming with, usually for larger projects 

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About me


Excellence, commitment, communicat9ion and reliability are the first when it comes to a professional service.

Since 2021 my goal has remained the same—providing reliable services and make sure to achieve a long-term satisfaction of customers.


Though I was used of working with my hands and designing projects, at 19 years old, I started one MSc-traject in industrial engineering and graduated at 22 . Daily in the office ...wasn't  something for me ..... but I gathered a solid knowledge in the field of manufacturing, designing , science of materials and strength . Self- study enlarged my know-how about other projects.

Some years later...with continuous demand for projects in tree - surgery, carpenting, indoor painting and repairs of roofing .. the plan to offer property services was launched

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Accuracy , durability and precision

This includes designing new furniture or constructions, surface treatments ( varnish, stains, preservatives..), pergola and furniture restorations, ...

A typical restoration is epoxy repair of wood shutters.

My key values are precise measurements, clear preparations and designs.

Gardening and landscaping 

Care for your plants and landscaping

Committed, able to make any tough fysical work
Services:- Tree Pruning & removal, hedge trimming,  weed foil installation, shoveling and delivery of gravel, building pathways, patios, re- planting , strimming ,  weeding , preparing soil beds...
Can be arranged on regular basis. 

Painting , surface coatings, waterproofing

Preparation is everything

PAINTING PROJECTS I strive to make things hassle-free and convenient; this means that preparation of surfaces and coverings of floor areas with plastics are one elementary step. Often plaster must be repaired due to humidity damage, that's part of the work to get  durability of the result.
Services :-- putty repair of walls-- sanding of damaged  surfaces-- sanding/smoothen rough surfaces-- pressure washing -- applying primer, paint,...-- varnishing-- roof coating

Bicycle repairs

Get your bikes ready for family trips

Committed to getting the job done, the only limit is typical the availability of spare parts in the region.
All types of bikes are included.


Durability and  no leaks is the aim

This includes repairs of ceramic tiles with specialised mortars, installing roof carpets...insulation of existing roofs with poly- urea or poly- urethane coating...
WINDOWS Tackling wood rottening ad repairs ( polyester, epoxy, putty.. ), Vinyl sealings on Alu windows....
DOORS- sealing ( various applications)

Installation and assembling

Ready to assemble anything of your purchases

This can be anything, from installing mosquito- windows to assembling  ordered furniture  ...Installing a drain ... one irrigation system with sprinklers....install one telescopic arm for a television...
I don't offer specialised plumbing or electrical services. 


Attention to Detail

RENDERING- outdoor walls
TILING- porcelain, limestone slabs, BRICK LAYING-- cement brick,  natural stone...POINTING - stone walls, pavers,..PAVING -- garden paths and patio  

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Questions, comments or requests? Feel free to reach out, we’d love to hear from you.

Kalyves, Crete, Greece


Thanks for submitting!

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'Jeroen recently redecorated our lounge,hall and stairs.  He first repaired the water damage, replastering where necessary.  This was done to a high standard.  He worked diligently and kept to his schedule.

Perhaps more attention could be made to fully protecting the floor areas and furnishings ( not partial).  Apart from that one small detail we were very satisfied with his work and are happy to recommend him.'

E.  B. Hutton

E. Hutton 

'Jeroen has done a fantastic job in my yard. He is dependable ,  kind, very professional and nice to work with !I think there isn't  hardly anything  he can't  do. If you want attention to detail, and well done job, hire Jeroen.'

C. Nelson

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